The Advantages of Investing in Turkey

Turkey’s economy is rising and continues to grow despite poor conditions globally and therefore offers great opportunities for investment. Investors worldwide were always attracted by the geographic advantages of Turkey, especially as an energy bridge for Europe to the abundant resources in Asia. In addition to this, the government has created favourable market conditions to foster investment with a low corporate taxes rate of 20% as well as many incentives over a variety of industries.

The Customs Union with the EU, in effect since 1996, insures that products can easily be sold in the European market, which is logistically easy to access due to efficient sea and rail transport options.

While Europe struggles with an ageing population, Turkey has a young and motivated population. With thousands of new graduates every year, Turkey is providing a capable labour pool for the future.

Furthermore, Turkey has a growing middle class creating a demand for increased goods and services consumption.

In a nutshell: Turkey offers a vast array of opportunities for investors.
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