July, 2014

On 13 June 2014, a new Consumer Rights EU Directive became law. The law brought with it many changes and adjustments applicable to online retailers. These changes are particularly important for those who sell to consumers inside the EU. We summarise the important changes below. The Directive put different requirements on the cancellation or returns policy for delivered goods as well as a form for the cancellation of these goods.

Allocation of the cost on Consumer

The law settles the issue of who should pay for the return of goods bought online. For goods bought online the seller is responsible for the initial shipping costs. In the case of cancellation, in contracts entered into after from June 13, in the case of a cancellation the consumer shall bear the cost of returning the goods (so long as they have been advised of this). The costs are calculated on the lowest level of a standard delivery offered by the seller; any other delivery method such as an express service will be borne by the customer.

Obligation for comprehensive information

The Directive also alters the information requirements required when selling goods and services online. Starting from June 13, an online shop must inform the customer of certain information from the very beginning of any transaction. The customer must be informed of the ordering process specifically whether there are any delivery restrictions for the goods and what payment methods are accepted for purchase. The customer must be informed about his warranty rights for the goods.

Right of retention for the seller

The Directive also made clear the rules in relation to liens and the refund of money when goods are returned. From June 13 an online seller can deny the refund of the purchase price until the consumer has proven that they returned of the goods.

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