Why Real Estate In Turkey
February, 2016

The investors worldwide see the great opportunities of the real estate sector in Turkey, the reasons for it are; Turkey ‘ s economic fundamentals invite foreign investors to earn profit in the real estate sector.

It is the country’s advantageous geographical location; extensive urban renewal and development; large capacity and strength in the construction sector; population growth and demographic advantage; increasing per capita income; and ease of doing business. Additionally sales of real estate to foreigners began to increase following the cancellation of the reciprocity law.

Urban renewal and future projects as Marmaray, Canal Istanbul, Istanbul’ s third airport and a lot of projects in the pipeline still offer huge potential for investors.

Office construction licenses throughout Turkey increased by almost 30 percent. With projects like the Istanbul Finance Center Istanbul is one of the most important dynamics of the real estate sector worldwide.

As one of the most popular tourist destination, Turkey is a great opportunity for all international investors to invest in hotels.

Between the orient and occident Turkey has a particular charm in retail sales also compared to the European average of total leasable area per person, Turkey is still hovering below the average why there is a huge potential for shopping areas in Turkey.

for investors Turkey is the strategically the location with the biggest potential between Europe and Asia.

Furthermore most projects meeting both the specific capacity conditions and the minimum fixed investment amount are supported within the General Investment Incentives.