Our team is perfectly experienced to support the international enterprises, emerging startup companies and financial institutions in their development and investment activities. We consider the merits of the market environment as well as the legal and fiscal conditions. This includes all types of legal connection to the partner in the form of licensing, franchising or distributor partnerships.

Our team provides advisory services to our clients to adapt their corporate and group structures to the new Turkish Commercial Law. This includes the necessary amendments to the Articles of Association, Board of Directors and shareholding structure. Furthermore, we offer training and presentations to advise clients on the new liability risks for directors/officers.

AC & COLL assists ship owners, charterers, P&I Clubs, cargo owners and other market players in all aspects of shipping and transportation matters, especially in the field of ship arresting in Turkey.

That means our particular strengths lie in dealing with:

- cargo claims
- litigations under Charterparties and Bills of Lading
- ship collisions
- loss of hire claims
- general average proceedings
- ship arrests
- liability limitation procedures

Contract law and especially commercial contract is one of the expertise areas of AC & Coll. We understand the often international nature of the investment projects our clients engage in. We bear in mind the differences of local law systems and provide a legal service to our clients at international standards.

We are ready to provide legal consultancy service to our clients for the preparation, implementation and revision of contracts such as investment agreements, merger contracts, joint venture agreements, loan agreements, real property transfer agreements, financial loan agreements, franchise and know-how agreements, confidentiality agreements, share transfer agreements, leasing agreements, articles of associations of companies and solutions to disputes arising from these kind of contracts.

We provide legal consultancy services for the applications of residence permit and work permit for foreigners in Turkey. Bearing in mind the difficulties the foreigners face with in this issue and the complicated nature of the procedures, we aim to provide a protective and efficient service to our clients.

We are able to assist throughout the whole process of establishing a business in Turkey including bringing staff over and obtaining the necessary permissions.

We provide legal consultancy services for any dispute that may arise from an employment relationship between the employer and employee. Particularly, we have experiences in the following areas:

Drafting employment agreements
- Resolution of disputes arising from Labour Law through all forms of dispute resolution
- Disputes arising from employee or employer claims
- Workpermit procedures for foreigners in the Ministry of Labour and Social Security
- Disputes arising from Social Security Law and Social Security Institution

Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution
Globalization of world markets has brought limitless commercial opportunities and risks. Mitigation of those risks requires early engagement with experienced lawyers who understand the cultural as well as the legal and regulatory landscapes but who will also drive relentlessly to deliver results for their clients when a dispute or regulatory intervention is unavoidable. Arbitration and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) gives parties in dispute the opportunity to work through disputed issues faster and in a less expensive way than going to court AC & Coll. provides a strong dispute resolution service to our domestic and international clients. We combine our deep knowledge and years of experience to find the best solutions for our clients.

We aim to provide legal consultancy service for legal, criminal, administrative and tax disputes with our experienced team to protect our clients' interests. We also have a deep experience in debt recovery and bankruptcy disputes.

With strong knowledge of the process, institutions and the arbitrators, we provide a legal consulting service in arbitration to the highest international standards.