On the evening of July 15 July, 2016

On the evening of July 15, a faction of the Turkish Armed Forces attempted to stage a coup in various cities of Turkey. As a consequence of the failed attempt, a three-month state of emergency was declared by the President...

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Why Real Estate In Turkey February, 2016

The investors worldwide see the great opportunities of the real estate sector in Turkey, the reasons for it are; Turkey's economic fundamentals invite foreign investors to earn profit in the real...

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AC & Coll. is an international law firm and providing legal and consulting services to local and international clients. As a team we are experienced in a range of different business environments and together we deliver quality legal and consultancy services to our clients. The majority of our firm's lawyers are multilingual and have Master Degrees from recognised law schools around the world.

Delivering quality and value to our clients and partners is our highest priority. At the centre of our firm's philosophy is to provide timely, result orientated and trustable advice.

Our Team
At AC & Coll. our team consists of highly motivated, experienced, and sophisticated members. Our team provides legal and consultancy services in Turkish, English, French, German, and Persian and we aim to assist to our clients at the level of international standards. Our teams are directed by members who know the Desk's own language at the level of giving a legal consultancy service.